Artist Submissions

Classic Jazz FM invites music submissions from new jazz artists. We have a strong preference for slow songs and the classic jazz standards.

1. Copywritten Music with a Record Label

Classic Jazz FM is fully licensed under our arrangement with the Live365 network which has agreements with all major music licensing bodies for the United States, Canada and the UK. These are: ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, AllTrack, SOCAN, Re:Sound, PPL, and PRS. As a result, through Live365, we provide royalty reporting through SoundExchange which pays artists when their songs are aired on our station. If your music is with a record label and posted on the Apple Music Store, let us know. We'll be happy to purchase your songs from the store and this will ensure you are paid royalties. 

2. Independent Artists

If you are an independent artist and not with any record label, you can send us a link where we'll be able to download your music. It is essential, when contacting us, that you provide written permission for us to air your music and that you fully understand there will be no royalty compensation. In this case, your music is being aired strictly to help build awareness.   

3. Approval

Classic Jazz FM will only air music which we feel fits in with our format. If we accept your submission, we'll notify you. Your music will enter into our playlist with songs played at random, so we cannot tell you exactly when your music can be heard. If we feel your music is better suited to one of our other radio stations in our network, we'll let you know.

Submissions can be made to this email address:

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